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All you wanted to know about Google’s Pixel 2 phones, & other products

This week’s Google Pixel event brought forth the much awaited flagship Pixel models that will take on the new iPhone 8 & X models. But Google also introduced a bunch of innovative new products, it’s 1st major foray into the world of hardware, like a pair of wireless bud headphones, a camera that relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take photos on its own, a small, smart home speaker for listening to podcasts, a conversational interface for home automation & a bunch of other stuff.

The Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL are without a doubt the stars of the announcement, with both incorporating next gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors with 4GB of RAM, with 64 & 128GB storage options. The difference between the 2 models is that the XL sports a 6 inch screen & the base model a 5 incher.

Other important specs that these phones have in common are their 12.2 megapixel rear facing cameras with dual-pixel phase detection, laser autofocus, & both optical & electronic image stabilization. Their front cameras are 8 megapixels with fixed focus. They have USB-C charging & data jacks & like the new iPhones, don’t have a headphone jack. Unlike the iPhones, however, they don’t offer wireless charging.

The phones are already available for pre-order Online, & will start shipping after October 19. You can get the Pixel 2 64GB model for US $649 & the 2 XL for US $849. 128GB models will set you back US $749 & 949, respectively.

The Google Clips is a camera that makes use of AI to let it takes photos on its own, determining when the best moments are for it to do so. It will learn what videos & photos to capture & when is the best time to do so. It’s meant especially for parents of young children & pet owners, comes with a 12 megapixel wide angle camera & retails for US $249.

The Google Home Mini is touted as a small portable device for listening to the ever popular podcast format in your home, with cheap (US $49), soapbar shaped, colorful fabric covered speakers. You can also use them as an interface to Google Home, a service similar to Amazon’s Alexa, that provides a conversational AI-based assistant interface for things like home automation & entertainment, access to your calendar, alarms, etc.

The Google Home Max comes with much bigger speakers, including 2 4.5 inch woofers & is meant to be used with music services like YouTube Red. It will cost US $399.

Other interesting products announced were the Pixelbook, a 17.3 inch laptop computer, which is the successor to the Chromebook, & comes with an Intel i7 processor & a built-in Google assistant. The computer ranges from US$ 999 to 1,649 depending on the RAM & storage options chosen. The US$ 99 Pixelbook Pen is an optional accessory for the notebook & is made by Wacom. Finally, the new Daydream View VR headset can be used in conjunction with the Pixel 2 as well other phones, like the Samsung Note 8 or Galaxy S8 & the LG V30.

Image Credit: Google