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Use ‘Mikme’ to make studio-quality audio recordings on iPhone

If you’re making quality Content, the microphone on your iPhone isn’t good enough to capture high-quality audio when you’re on the move. Mikme is a stand-alone microphone that syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth to capture pro-level sound that vloggers, musicians & journalists can use to create exceptional audio, & to enhance their video creations.

If you’re creating Content for social media or marketing purposes you’re not likely to be happy with the microphone inside your smartphone & newer phones no longer have headphone jacks, so clip-on phones aren’t an option. Mikme is an excellent option & provides ultra-portability as it fits in the palm of your hand.

Mikme ships with an app that takes care of automatically syncing audio & video. It uses a high-quality 1-inch, gold plated, true condensed capsule in a cardioid polar pattern to achieve studio quality recordings with 18-22.000 Hz audio bandwidth, & a bit depth of up to 96 kHz. It has 16GB of internal memory, which will get you 34 hours of uncompressed audio (370 hours with mp4 compression), & its rechargeable Li-Po battery will record for 3.5 hours on a charge.

This means that Mikme will isolate your recording from ambient noise & is sensitive to directional sound, so you should point it directly at the sound source, or put it face up if the sound is coming from multiple sources.

Check out this video:

It’s really easy to use. 1st you do a standard Bluetooth pairing with your iPhone, the open the Mikme app, tap on ‘Video’ & hit the record button. You’ll have access to your audio track alongside your video as you’re recording & be able to adjust your audio levels in real-time through buttons on the Mikme.

When you’re done recording, the app pairs the audio track recorded with the Mikme & pairs it with the video file automatically. You’re then prompted by the app to take a picture to ID the track. The iPhone app also lets you mix & match audio from the built-in iPhone mike with what you’ve recorded with Mikme.

Mikme is designed by a startup based in Austria & is wholly manufactured in Europe. The product team is led by Co-founders, CEO Philipp Sonnleithner & COO Thomas Wachauer. The team has a great deal of experience in the audio product space, holding 80+ patents. They’ve built microphone & Bluetooth speakers for the likes of Audi, Samsung, JBL & AKG.

Image Credit: Mikme