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This ergonomic iPhone 7 Plus case reminds you of a human butt

While everyone is talking of the iPhone X, right now you can get this new case inspired by the human posterior & enhance your tactile experience. You can get it for either the iPhone 6 Plus or 7 Plus.

According to the HANDL Site which is selling the MAXIMUS, AKA “The Butt Case”, this is the “most ergonomic case perhaps ever conceived-based on the human buttocks.” The artist & inventor of the case, Allen Hirsch, goes on to point out that the butt is  “… the most pleasurable form for the hand to touch. I also wanted to connect the digital world we often lose ourselves in with an idealized real world tactile experience.”

iPhone case

The case is based on Hirsch’s original idea, developed over the course of a year, & was made available by HANDL in June at CES in Las Vegas, USA. It’s made from silicone & synthetic rubber, & the Site guarantees that the case will feel either like a buttocks or the “most comfortable ergonomic case you ever felt.”

It’s designed to be a natural extension to your hand by employing an elastic & brace system. With it, you can use your iPhone with just 1 or 2 fingers, minimizing discomfort & stress you usually get from gripping an oversized phone like the 7 or 6 Plus. What’s more, you completely free up your other hand.

The HANDL MAXIMUS is not just the butt handle, it can also act as a hands-free stand, & works in both portrait & landscape, so you can let your phone lay on your desk or other surface & adjust your viewing angles.

Other advantages offered by the case are that you can use it to comfortably take single handed selfies without a stick & take panoramic shots easily.

You can buy the MAXIMUS for US $70.00 on the HANDL Site for both the iPhone 7 & 6 Plus models. HANDL is based in New York, USA & also sells a range of cases for iPhone models, like the iPhone 6 & 6s.

Image Credit: HANDL