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‘Windows Mixed Reality’ VR headset from HP blurs line between real & virtual

Lines between the real & digital worlds are increasingly getting blurred. Take for example the newly announced HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition. The headset promises to let programmers provide users with a completely immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience. The Microsoft developer kit is also slated to work with other major VR headset makers like the HTC Vive & the Oculus Rift.

Perhaps what makes HP’s & Microsoft’s announcement special is that what they’re calling ‘Mixed Reality’, which is an evolution of Windows Holographic & HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) tech, is now working across a wide variety of headsets & both VR & AR. This is good news for developers & hopefully it will spur a new wave of killer apps.

The HP device is easy to set up, has integrated motion tracking, a 2-in-1 cable pairing both HDMI 2.0 & USB 3.0 & full software support. This means that it’s completely plug & play & you won’t have to set up any sensors or download any additional software.

The immersive experience of the headset is built around its 1440×1440 resolution in each eye & a 90Hz refresh rate. This gives the user “crystal-clear” visual quality, which together with its 6 degrees of freedom & lack of tracking boundaries allows for lifelike movement.

Another important factor contributing to the HP headset’s immersion experience is the comfort it provides when worn. It’s non- intrusive in that it comes with double padding on the headband, it has an easy adjustment knob & a front-hinged display, that results in a comfortable user experience even after hours of play.

There’s no word yet on the product Site regarding availability other than a “coming soon” notice. It will, however, require some hefty hardware on your PC if you want to use it, which for gamers & early adopters is about par for the course. You’ll need a minimum of an Intel Core I7 OR, or AMD Ryzen 7 (6 Core, 12 threads), with an NVIDEA GTX 965ML or 989/1060 or equivalent AMD Radeon Graphic card & 16 GB RAM.

Image Credit: HP