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Turn your laptop into a whiteboard

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Designers, engineers & everyday folks don’t always have a sketchpad or whiteboard at hand to jot down their inspirations. So here’s what 1 startup did, it designed a snap-on board. Since most people carry a laptop around wherever they go, the snap-on HustleCase can be an accessible whiteboard & is designed to allow people to sketch on-the-go.

The founders behind this California, USA-based startup are “digital nomads”. They come from a freelance design background & created the HustleCase to be an “accessible whiteboard to save time & paper.”

HustleCase can be attached & released from your laptop easily. With it you can sketch on the go, write smoothly with colored markers & erase quickly. The case’s dry-erase surface is designed to be scratch resistant. It’s easy to write on & very easy to wipe. It also protects your laptop from scrapes & scratches.

The case is made from toughened plastic & is durable enough to protect your laptop from scratches & bumps. It’s also lightweight & is breathable, so it dissipates heat well.

Some of the most interesting use cases are for wire framing, site mapping, to-do lists, interviews & of course note taking & sketching. If you’re an instructor or teacher, or frequently expose project ideas or give status meetings, it can save you a lot of time when explaining things. The visual communication possibilities of this case are endless.

The HustleCase captures & records your sketches using the Microsoft Office Lens app, which comes with a whiteboard setting to capture photos.

For now the case is only available for Macbook laptops but you may be able to get an adapted version for other popular Windows-based computers by emailing HustleCase. You can order a HustleCase from the product website for US$32 + shipping & taxes. Shipping is available worldwide.

Cases are currently available for the following models: Macbook Pro Retina 13” & 15” & for these same models in post 2016 versions.

Image Credit: HustleCase