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All that you wanted to know about the classic Nokia 3310 phone

Oh, what nostalgia. The venerable 3310 ´brick’ phone, which was introduced by Nokia 17 years ago, is making a comeback. HMD Global Oy, the Finnish company that now owns Nokia’s mobile phone brand, announced the availability of new versions of the old clunker at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Unlike the original bland grayish hue, the new model will be available in Q2 of this year in 4 different colors: black, orange, gray & yellow. & shall cost € 49 (about US $52). The specs are definitely underwhelming, as it sports a 2-megapixel camera with flash & a 2.4 inch ‘non-touch’ screen, as well as an ‘innovative’ microSD slot.

The new version is also a bit thinner, lighter & all-around smaller than the original.

What sets it apart from today’s phones, however, is its famed indestructibility (who hasn’t dropped one of these babies multiple times without a hitch, right?) & its legendary battery life: 31 day standby time & 22 hours talk time. Since this is not a smartphone it won’t be wasting your battery on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

But it’s not totally dumbed down, as it also has a built-in radio receiver, MP3 music reproduction, bluetooth & 2G wireless connectivity. This is also older tech, but it may still be enough for certain user cases, like to use a 2nd phone or “burner” phone, when traveling or when you don’t want to be distracted by cumbersome social apps. It’s almost as if the smartphone revolution never happened.

Check out this video:

Another good user scenario would be for putting these phones in the hands of your kids so as to get them to concentrate more on their school activities & less on socializing & playing via electronic means. Maybe kids will actually begin to talk & play face to face more often (keep dreaming).

For those of us who are feeling nostalgic for the old-time phones, there’s one more bit of kit that comes with it, a modernized color version of the Snake game. You can keep on chasing your tail to your heart’s content.

For those not ready to take that walk down memory lane, Nokia also announced some actual new low cost Android-based smartphones at the MWC: the Nokia 3, priced at €139, the Nokia 5 at €189 & the Nokia 6 at €229. The Nokia 3 & 5 feature 5.2-inch HD touch screens & the Nokia 6 comes with a full-HD 5.5 screen.

Image Credit: HMD Global