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(Notice the all cap, bold letters?)
If you are on this blog, it goes without saying that you have read & accepted it’s T&C (not Tender Care, silly but Terms & Conditions). Or else, leave!


* Nothing in this blog is the absolute truth. Truth is subjective & absolute truth is a mere concept. We suggest you do your own due diligence, background checks, whatever it is that you legally need to do, before you decide to strike a relation or do business with anybody or anything mentioned in the pages of this blog. Period!

* Needless to say, but yes, we shall still say it – This blog is more in the nature of an information/advisory site. It cannot authenticate all that is published or spoken of on its pages. We try our best to verify all the facts before pressing the Publish tab. Even then, the blog has no malafide intentions of harming anybody or any organization. Our apologies if we inadvertently do so. Still, this blog will  not be legally liable for any damages to products/goods/services or for paucity in services by third parties who have been written about here. It’s for the reader to cross-check the bonafides of the merchant/service provider/content provider before entering into any relationship with them.

* We believe in playing fair & square. All Paid reviews will be clearly marked as such.

* This blog may or may not publish reviews/ethical hacks & How-to articles of products/services/brands, etc. These are to be merely read as guides & nothing else. For detailed queries, readers may get in touch with the appropriate experts or ranking organizations or some other form of authority. We are not that neither do we claim to be.

* Tutorials & How-To guides are written by experts who claim to have tried it out on their own, first. Still, this blog will not be responsible in any way, legal or otherwise, for any damage to life or limb or machine because of our tutorials. Readers are also advised to read these guides completely & understand what’s written before going about implementing the suggestions.

* All the content including marketing offers are valid only at the time/day of publication. Validity is only till the time of publication. Presidents change, hairstyles change, so do organizations, stories, individuals and links. We will try and update all offers to their current levels.

* We try our best not to use copyrighted content including images & graphics. Even then, if you spot one that has crossed that line, get in touch immediately at administrator(at) We will take prompt action if the grouse is legit.

* Not withstanding anything that’s said here or in the blog, the owner of this blog, New Age Content Services, LLP, & its partners  stand idemnified against any claims brought by readers or third parties for damages where legal liability can be established.

* No material from this blog including images, content, etc can be re-used in any manner any place else. In case, someone or some agency wants to use matter off this blog, they are free to write in & seek permission from the moderator first. He is available at administrator(at) Most of the times, we would be glad to share what we got (helps us get more mileage, anyway).

Associate/Affiliate programs

This blog may occasionally be associated with affiliate marketing programs with various merchants/service providers, etc around the globe. This is always in the nature of referrals. Neither this blog nor its owner per se do sell or claim to themselves sell any product/service/content or any other form of digital goods/services that may not find mention herein. In so much, this blog does not have any payment gateways associated with it.  This blog does not vouch for the authenticity of the claims made by the merchants/stores/retailers nor for the fitness of the goods/brands/services, etc, they sell or provide. It is also not responsible for processing any refund demands. As such, this blog & its owner are not legally liable for any deficiency of service on part of the affiliate merchants/re-sellers/retailers & all those with whom this blog may tie up for affiliate programs or their payment gateways. This blog is also not legally liable for any claims brought against it by readers/customers who have purchased products/services/etc from merchants/retailers/service providers referred to from this blog. It shall be mandatory for the readers/customers to get themselves completely & absolutely satisfied on all fronts before agreeing to purchase any goods/products/services from any of the merchants/providers/retailers that they were referred to from this blog.

Cookie Consent

* This blog may or may not place cookies (small bits of data that rests in your browser). There are possibilities of 3rd party cookies being placed, too. Such cookies are often used to track consumer behavior across websites. They may or may not be used to track readers’ habits on this blog or across other sites linking it. If you do not want your privacy to be invaded, you are free to leave this blog.

Digital World Native (DWN) retains the right to modify this T&C as & when it feels the need.

-Jan 8, 2014

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