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‘Tap’ wearable ring Bluetooth keyboard lets you type on any surface

How about turning any surface into a computer or smartphone keyboard? With Tap, your fingers control & communicate with your digital appliances. You type with your fingers or use your thumb to glide & scroll. Cursor position, characters or commands are sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, VR headset, or computer.

Typing on small phone keyboards is not a comfortable experience & it can be practically impossible to type on tiny smartwatches. It gets even more difficult if you’re wearing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. Sometimes you can get by with a clunky external keyboard, but Tap might just be the best solution to this problem.

Tap is a device that you wear on the fingers of 1 hand. It’s made up of 5 interconnected rings with motion sensors, processors & transmitters built-in, that when you move your fingers as if typing, on any surface, turn it into a virtual keyboard. With it, you can compose & edit documents & messages & do anything you’d normally do with a keyboard & mouse.

You can even treat a surface as if it’s a virtual screen, which might come in handy for very small interactive screens like smart watches or for VR environments where you might not be able to see your keyboard & mouse when you’re donning a headset.

The keyboard rings are unobtrusive & stylish to wear. According to the Israel-based company behind the device, & its co-founder Ran Poliakine, Tap gives you 99%+ accuracy. The TapGenius app is included with the product, which will quickly get you up to speed & will have you typing & interacting with any device in less than 1 hour.

Check out this video:

Ran has stated that the aim of Tap is to make hand gestures on virtual input devices a viable & preferred option for interacting with tech accessories. He believes that tapping your fingers & interacting via a device like Tap is more precise & a richer experience than gestures on screens. He thinks that Tap will “usher a new era of communication with computers.”

You can pre-order Tap from the company website here. It’s available in 2 colors: black & white, & in two sizes. It includes a portable charging USB carrying case. The price is US $129.99 & shipments are scheduled to start in late December 2017.

Image Credit: Tap