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Stream audio from phone to multiple Bluetooth speakers or earphones with ‘Tempow’

With the Tempow software-based solution you can broadcast & sync audio streams to a bunch of different Bluetooth headphones & speakers from a single smartphone. It doesn’t matter how many listeners there are. Also, several different brands of slave devices are supported.

The “crystal clear” sound stream is sent via an intuitive UI & no loss of quality is experienced. You get the audio in the normal Bluetooth range of your device & your battery life won’t be affected.

Currently, only the popular Motorola Moto X4 is supported but development is in place to come up with a standard Android app that will extend Tempow multi streaming audio to a lot more phones. A number of brands of speakers is supported: Bose, Marshall, UE Boom, JBL… & of headphones: Apple, Beats, Bose…

You can also stream from your laptop to up to 4 Bluetooth speakers (currently the limit on smartphones is also 4). Other things you can do are: watch a movie with friends or intimates on multiple speakers, listen to music outdoors with a group of friends, listen to the same music with a group of training partners while running or working out, with each using their own headphones.

Tempow uses its own in-house developed tech & is a 100% software solution. No hardware modification is involved & the software needs to only be installed on the master device, it’s an alternative to Bluetooth A2DP & works in any Bluetooth stack. As Tempow claims on their site, ….”we provide perfect sync & (we) have developed a state of the art synchronization algorithm that just works.”

Based in Paris, France, Tempow was founded in 2016. It’s also present in San Francisco, USA, & have a topnotch engineering team that is focused on pushing the limits of the Bluetooth protocol stack. The company is also involved in developing in areas like multi-language translation via smartphones & earphones, a conference call app, multi-player karaoke for smartphones, low energy Bluetooth audio, among others.

Image Credit: Tempow