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‘PopSockets’ are stylish knobs for gripping your phone & more

Of late, a lot of smartphones are popping up all over the place with an odd looking knob sticking out from behind them.

PopSockets are colorful, multifunctional rubbery attachments for the back of your phone that work as a grip, phone stand & you can even use them to wrap your headphone cord. But more than anything, these gadgets are fast becoming a fashion statement like the spinner.

They’re rapidly becoming one of the world’s best selling phone accessories. The Boulder, Colorado, USA-based company making them claims that it has already sold 25 million+ of the gadgets & is set to sell millions more before Christmas.

The knobs are available Online from the company Website in a variety of versions, in 2 types, going for US $10 & US $15. You can also buy them in major retail outlets like Best Buy, Walmart, Target & from phone carrier outlets.

The company has collaborated with well known designers like Bella Thorne to create beautiful custom designs that can be tacked on to the standard grip. You can customize your PopSockets with trendy designs like: Space Doodle, Blood Marble, Wonder Woman, & every color, texture & design you can think of.

If that wasn’t enough, you can even design your own or put your loved one’s or your dog’s picture on the socket. The Site also provides a service for designing PopSockets for promoting your product or business. As they claim in their Website, “When it comes to branding, we’d argue that nothing could compete with the backside of a device. Here’s why: the average person engages in 8000+ public phone calls & text messages a year. That’s a lot of impressions. In fact, it’s more impressions than the SuperBowl delivers & way less millions of dollars.”

You can buy promotional PopSockets at the product site here for quantities starting at 100. The basic PopSockets cost US $4.89 for 100 units & get cheaper as you order higher quantities.