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‘Pivot’ grip helps take videos & stills from any angle with your smartphone

Camera is dead, long live the camera. Only this time, it comes bundled in your smartphone. And with cameras come accessories.

‘ Pivot’ is an inexpensive, lightweight grip for your iPhone or practically any other smartphone or digital camera that lets you frame the perfect action pic & video. It’s made up of an articulated hub, providing excellent positioning with up to 225 degrees of rotation.

The Pivot is a handy accessory that is ideal for filming or shooting sporting events, hikes, adventure outings… It’s compact & ergonomic, having a natural hand-feel, especially when you combine it with its passive stabilization design, which minimizes shakiness in video shoots. & if you have a waterproof phone or camera you can even take a dive with it.

The Pivot is made from rugged lightweight plastic, & has a classy & attractive black & red design. It has a Universal Clamp attachment, a 1/4-20 mount & a GoPro adapter, so you can connect it to practically any camera & to smart phones with measurements of up to 5.5 inches.

The integrated cold shoe mount means that other lightweight attachments like a microphone or light can be quickly & easily attached.

Here a video:

Olloclip, the company behind the Pivot, is well known as an attachable lens maker for the iPhone. The Pivot is designed to work well in tandem with Olloclip’s gamut of iPhone 6 lenses, like its 4-in-1 Lens set or the Active Lens set

Olloclip was founded in 2011 by California-based entrepreneur Patrick O’neill as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project. The company’s 1st product was the ‘Olloclip 3-in-1 Photo Lens’ for the iPhone 4, & they have since sold over 1 million lenses. Olloclip’s products are available in Apple Stores worldwide as well as in many major retail outlets.

If you want to try out the Pivot, you can buy it at Olloclip’s Online store here for US $49.99 or €69.99.

Image Credit: Olloclip