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Now you can kiss your faraway lover using this gadget called ‘Kissenger’. Seriously

This gadget takes your breath away. Literally. ‘Kissenger’ is a novel tool that allows the “transfer of a kiss’ over distance. Muwah.

All of us know being far away from a loved one is not easy on any relationship, even when you keep in touch through Online tools like video conferencing, texting & chatting. We all do crave the human touch. Now, with this smartphone-connected gadget, you & your significant other can regain your intimacy by simulating an actual smooch. (Minus the spittle, we might add).

Kissenger is a plastic, “Internet-connected smartphone sleeve”, with a pad, or mouthpiece. You need two of ’em to allow each of the 2 participants touch lips. The pad has 6 sensors that pick up & transmit the sensation of kissing to its similarly attached counterpart on the other phone.

The gadget, whose name is a combination of kiss & messenger, (no, it does not refer to former US NSA adviser, Henry Kissinger) is meant to supplement & enhance Online video chats between romantic partners, making the experience much more intimate. It may even be used by parents to convey their feelings to faraway children.

The mouthpiece is actually lined in silicon & is designed to feel like actual human skin, providing a convincing, realistic kiss, where each lover’s lip movements are accurately reproduced & experienced by the other.

Check out this video:

Dr. Hooman Samani is one of the main promoters of Kissenger, & Director of AIART Lab (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Technology Laboratory), & also Asst. Professor at National Taipei University, Taiwan. He heads up ‘Lovotics‘, a research project into human-to-robot relationships, which is trying to gain an understanding of “the physics, physiology & emotions of the human being in order to model this in the robot”.

Lovotics’ research involves a multidisciplinary effort:

…utilizing fundamentals concepts from robotics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, psychology, biology, anthropology, neuroscience, social science, computer science & engineering. Proposed approach provides a system allowing the development of functionalities based on multidisciplinary research yielding a new form of love relationships.

According to the product’s blog, kissing is an important mode of human communication, & by joining lips, we can express a wide gamut of positive emotions, & not just of a romantic or sexual nature. Greeting, farewell, affection, respect, good luck, can all be expressed as well. Not only is it said to be enjoyable on a surface level, but it’s been shown to play an important biologic role in helping prospective mates to taste & smell each others’ pheromones to detect compatibility.

Besides the human-to-human telekiss function, Kissenger hopes to provide, in the future, 2 other modes of interaction: Human-to-robot kiss, where 1 of the sets of artificial lips is integrated on a humanoid robot, & Human-to-virtual character/virtual kiss. With the latter, you’ll be able to kiss a virtual character while in a VR environment & also receive kisses from them.

However, if you want to get a hold of a pair of these gadgets, you may have to wait a while, as only prototypes have been shown, & it’s still in the product development stage.

All we can say it, clearly the day is not far off when humans will be making love to robots.

Image Credit: Lovotics