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Free iOS app ‘Model’ allows you to add augmented reality to images

This is not your average photo enhancing app. This automated photo editing app, available on the iPhone & iPad, lets users enhance their pictures with special pro-level special effects. Augmented reality (AR) effects can be easily added with ‘Model’ to ordinary shots taken on your mobile device.

The app was developed by Tipit, a California, USA-based startup that specializes in computer vision & visual effects technology. The company wants to help users take on challenges that until now were the exclusive realm of high end graphic designers with years of experience using Photoshop & Illustrator.

With Model, you can take a simple portrait or static shot & add effects such as transparency, image glow, dissolve, among others. It does its magic by making use of Tipit’s SDK. The company’s segmentation tech allows the app to crisply extract an image from its background & to morph it & embed it into “virtual” scenes.

A number of layers can be added & manipulated to create VR effects that encapsulate both the extracted image & the background. It’s a static, photo-based version of what is typically done in video green screen post production.

In fact, Tipit has earlier released a popular video (& photo) filter app called Solo, which lets users apply green screen techniques to their videos & photos & let them choose backgrounds & filters outlining their bodies. A lot of user-generated dance videos are available, mainly on YouTube, which were made by youngsters using this app.

Model is aimed at people who want to go beyond the usual fare of effects available on social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat. The app easily lets you save & share your edited photos on both these platforms as well as on Facebook & on your device’s camera roll.

Here’s a video:

Tipit was founded by its CEO, Jonathan Rimon, & has as its motto – AR for All. Besides Model, Solo & the Tipit SDK, which is aimed at making developers’ life easier, the company also offers its services to increase brand exposure by driving social & IM engagement through the creation of viral content.

The Model app is available on the Apple Store for free here.

Image Credit: TIPIT