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This is no ordinary backpack….read & find out why

This beautifully designed, high tech, rugged backpack looks like any other but is not so. It is “hi-tech”, for it comes with an integrated solar panel powerbank battery which will keep your phone charged, & includes high-output Bluetooth speakers. It also has a number of anti-theft features which make the ‘Lifepack‘ ideal for road warriors & digital nomads.

The anti-theft measures include an integrated combination lock which keeps your bag’s compartments shut. The included reinforced metal cable is attached to the lock so you can tether it to a desk or railing & not have to worry about leaving it behind while you go grab a coffee. It also contains a main panel that is highly durable & very difficult for a thief to try to cut into.

According to Adrian Solgaard, the Canadian-Danish owner of Lifepack:

After traveling constantly & working remotely for years, I realized there was a big gap in the market for a multi-functional bag that had all of the features I wanted. Everything to suit my work life but also fit my personal needs – from keeping papers in order, to helping a friend out to charge a phone or playing music in my hotel room.

The anti-theft features are really important to our team, because we’ve all witnessed countless friends losing expensive tech & important documents while they work.

We don’t want anyone to feel nervous about their belongings while they travel & work remotely, which is why the security features in the Lifepack are easy-to-use fully-integrated & tough enough to withstand anything life throws at them.

The Lifepack is designed for people who do a lot of business traveling, those who work remotely, freelancers, students, or just plain free spirits. Its main design focus is on day-to-day usability as well as high quality. It comes with a weather resistant rain cover, hidden pockets, where you can store water bottles or passports, as well as a drop-proof laptop pocket.

The 4G Solar Tech solar panels are extremely efficient, working across the light spectrum, so even on cloudy days the integrated battery gets a good boost. With a mere 2 hours of sun per day you can charge your phone to 50%. Its massive battery stores 6 charges for a high end smartphone, like the iPhone 6S or 7S, & will provide juice to the integrated Bluetooth audio for up to 96 hours.

The Lifepack comes in 2 colors: stealth black & titanium gray, & you can also get the Solarbank solar battery without the bag. It’s available in many retail outlets & online on Amazon for US $269.

Image Credit: Lifepack