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Let ‘Reason8’ take meeting notes on your iPhone


JESHOOTS / Pixabay

You know the feeling, you & a colleague or client get together to discuss an important topic in a meeting room or coffee house & you’re constantly slowing down to jot important ideas down. The participants’ ideas don’t flow as smoothly as desired because you’re worried you’ll forget something later, thus the constant interruptions for note taking.

Reason8 uses AI to capture your important meetings & convert them into actionable tasks & highlights. You have to install the app on 2 separate iPhones & it gets rid of note-taking interruptions so that the folks involved in the meeting can focus on the discussion instead.

The people at Reason8 want to make note taking at meetings a thing of the past with their app that’s aimed at retaining conversational knowledge. Or as they put it “the what, the where, & the who of lucid conversational knowledge.” The app increases meeting productivity & allows you to loop in people who weren’t there.

The app automatically captures the conversation with speaker attribution. Then you’ll get a written report with automatically extracted action items & manual highlights. This greatly simplifies collaboration by automating the creation of mutually agreed upon transcripts & reports

2 meeting members need to have Reason8 installed on separate iPhones. This, of course, serves 2 purposes:

  • To provide trust & comfort between the parties, so that more than 1 person has control of what goes on the meeting transcript, as only mutually agreed on parts go on record
  • The improved speaker separation from each of the phones, where  2 microphones (1 per phone) means that spatial data can be used to enhance recognition quality, resulting in a much better transcript

Some of the use cases referenced by Reason8 are:

  • Brainstorm & negotiation meetings
  • Journalists – substitute old-school recorders & paid transcription services
  • Humans Resources – retain all information at interviews
  • Designers – spend less time gathering specs
  • Medicine – spend more time with patients & get more details
  • Sales – assure that all valuable points are retained
  • Supervisors – get all important information on ongoing projects

Reason8 is a San Francisco Bay Area, USA-based startup & the app is available for free for iOS on the Apple App Store here.