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Keys, passwords, all things of the past. Now, there’s ‘Everykey’

‘Everykey’ is a revolutionary smart device to unlock your phone, laptop, car, Tablet, house door & much more using a military grade security protocol. Now you can do away with remembering passwords, patterns & physical keys as Everykey is here to replace all of them.

How it works

Everykey uses a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with your devices. This proximity key will unlock your device when you will be near to it & automatically lock it back when you go away from your device. The passwords of your devices are never stored in the Everykey, it’s maker claims. Instead, they are stored in a secure storage of your device in encrypted condition. While Website accounts passwords are stored into Everykey device remotely, & it is not stored in any company server, & hence no one can access to it. Every time it sends a new encryption message to communicate with your devices using AES 128 bit encryption, which ensures that hackers cannot be able to rebroadcast or derive from the messages.

But what if you lose your Everykey by any means?  Nothing to worry as it can be frozen using the Everykey App or by just calling them.

Here’s a video:


It is compatible with MacOS 10.9+ (Mavericks, Yosemite, & newer), Windows 7+, Ubuntu 14+ (Linux), Android 4.4+ (KitKat, Lollipop, & newer) and iOS 8+. iOS users need to use the jailbroken version to use the auto unlock feature.  For Windows 7 & 8 users, Bluetooth USB dongle is required. It is compatible with almost all of the most used web browsers: Google Chrome v37+, Safari 7.1+, Mozilla Firefox v31+, Opera 38.0+, Microsoft Edge (Future Version). Bluetooth Over-The-Air firmware updates methodology used to keep your device updated.

Features & Accessories

  • Everykey’s prevailing Bluetooth has a customizable range up to 3 meters
  • It has a battery life of 30 days. You can quickly charge its’s lithium polymer battery using any USB 2.0 cable. It automatically reminds you in the case of it running low
  • Band Accessory: Be trendy with wearable band available in 7 different colours. You can just put the Everykey at the back of the band & use it seamlessly
  • Bluetooth Dongle: Be limitless by attaching the Bluetooth dongle with any device which is not Bluetooth low energy compatible. It is intelligently designed for its reliability, performance & security features
  • Charging Cable: Your Everykey can be rapidly charged using the USB to micro USB charging cable
Image Credit: Everykey