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Here’s a keypad for the Apple Mac

There`s no 1 better in technical innovation than Apple of course, & nothing better than a MacBook as your lap companion.

Even though MacBook loyalists swear by its features, there is 1 thing that always seemed amiss in MacBook, that is, a keypad. This God-sent add-on can save you a lot of time. When you have to input numbers with the help of the standard row in the keyboard, it always seems like an extra unnecessary effort. Your fingers need to go all over the keyboard for the numbers & needs quite a lot of your attention.

To solve this little problem, Antonious Basta, a resident of Calabasas, CA, USA invented the ‘nmbr’. The nmbr keypad is the brainchild of a startup that helps make data input easier for starters. You can also use single as well as multi-touch gestures to find access to the required apps & Websites. So, now no more wasting time on clicks, all you need are gestures to work on your MacBook.

This gesture feature of nmbr are really simple to learn. From the bottom right corner, if you swipe up & inwards, you can reach your favorite Website in lightening speed. You can feed-in up to 9 different Websites assigning each digit from the keypad. When you touch your finger over the desired Website, just lift & begin your Web search/work.

The keypad is made of thin tempered glass that is crystal clear. It`s appealing look adds to the user-acceptance quotient as well (apart from its attractive features). It is also quite simple to stick & remove. All you got to do is peel the film off its back & stick it to your MacBook trackpad to get the best fit. The nmbr Keypad size fits all the MacBooks (Pro/Air/Normal with/without the touch bar.) It is easily removable & can be re-applied to different devices. Just be sure to download the app in every computer you stick it on.

Image Credit: nmbr