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From a fish to a scrubber, this tech will allow you to “feel” objects on your screen

Digital tech has brought us wondrous & sometimes magical-seeming devices which can engage some of your most basic senses, like sight & hearing, but wouldn’t it be great if touch sensations could also be experienced? HAP2U has developed advanced haptic tech for screens that lets you feel textures, touch feedback, slip interaction & force sensing.

The tech is based on ultrasound vibrations, which control the friction between a user’s finger & an active plate. This basically allows you to feel what’s on your screen & can be implemented on virtually anything with a touch interface. So you might be able to feel the fur on a cat, the rough outline of a stone or a sponge on your phone’s screen.

The patented mechanism is embedded inside a touch screen. Ultrasound vibrations are generated by smart piezo activators, which provides real-time control of the friction felt by your finger. So a user will get the impression that he’s pushing a real, physical-seeming cursor, turning an actual knob or perceiving different textures.

The Grenoble, France-based startup was founded in 2015 by CEO Cedrick Chappaz & Robert Monteillier, as well as 3 other team members, with wide experience in semiconductor, software & other tech fields. Their chief aim is to bring the UI experience into a whole new era by “providing an accurate haptic interaction to all touch interfaces”. Thus, the company hopes that this new tech will help erase the border between the digital & physical world.

Check out this video:

HAP2U is unique in that it is robust & is not influenced by environmental factors like moisture or dust. It’s compliant with all touch sensors, has no perceptible latency, providing real-time feedback & its resolution results in high granularity.

Some of the most interesting applications that the Company is working on for this ground breaking tech are mainly in areas such as mobile, automotive, GPS, health care, gaming & e-commerce.

HAP2U is currently under advanced development & a number of manufacturers & integrators, mainly from Taiwan & other Asian manufacturing powerhouses are working with them. We should soon see products from major brands incorporating HAP2U tech.

Image Credit: HAP2U