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‘GoTouch’ turns any screen into digital whiteboard

This “smart” communications solution uses a smartphone app, a pen & a small camera to provide digital interaction with digital file formats on ordinary TV screens, monitors or projectors. ‘GoTouch’ will turn practically any surface into a touch screen so that you can draw & annotate on JPGs, PDFs or even video.

It can be difficult to present or explain ideas or projects to co-workers or potential customers, especially when things get technical & overly complex. Using visual cues like drawings, 3D mock-ups, flowcharts, etc. can be a lifesaver in these situations, but if you have them in digital file formats, you don’t have much in the way of interactivity available to you when you are presenting.

Anyractive, the Seoul, Korea & New York, USA-based Company behind GoTouch, & its Founder & CEO Sung Hyun Lim, have said on their Website that they were out to solve these problems by using innovative tech products to “maximize communication with its own new technology”, hoping to “build a more interactive world by providing our interactive touch technology.

GoTouch Teaser from GoTouch on Vimeo.

To do a presentation with GoTouch, you start by positioning the camera sensor facing the screen. The sensor scans the area that it’s facing & communicates with the GoTouch pen, turning the ordinary TV into a touch screen TV. If you prefer using a projector you can project on the wall, allowing you to write on it (virtually, of course).

If you’ve previously installed the GoTouch app on a mobile device, including an iPad or Android Tablet, you can share the notes with people in real time. You can write as many notes as you want on the virtual touch screen or projected surface or on the app itself.

The camera is 4K & works at 200 FPS & has an IR sensor. It comes with a mounting dongle with a standard micro USB charger & can be rotated up to 240 degrees. The pen has an IR LED button & a protective cap.

You can pre-order the GoTouch on Anyractive’s website for 330,000 KRW (South Korean Won). The app is freely available in the Android Play Store, the iOS App Store & there’s also a Windows version available.

Image Credit: GoTouch