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‘Edge’ is cryptocurrency wallet that unifies different coins & is private & secure

If you have more than 1 type of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin, then you have to put up with the hassle of juggling multiple wallets, each of them with their own quirky user interface. Edge lets you hold all your assets in 1 place, makes it easy to move between assets, & guarantees tight edge security with a simple username & password.

Edge takes the difficulty out of securing multiple digital assets. You can use a single app on your iOS or Android devices to hold & trade multiple assets, currently, Edge supports Bitcoin, Wings, Ethereum, Augur REP, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash & will soon add Dash. You can back up your whole wallet with just a username & password, seamlessly log in to multiple devices & access them with PIN or Touch ID.

It’s easy to move between assets with Edge. You can exchange one blockchain currency for another & back again through a few easy steps within the app, without any need to ever leave your wallet. Because of Edge’s partner agreements with top blockchain services, like Kraken Bity, Bitrefill & WageCan, you can do things in-app like mobile top-ups, buy/sell, gift cards & soon it will also include debit card integration.

Edge’s cutting-edge tech means your wallet is secure & virtually hacker-proof. Client-side encryption secures data locally on your device before they’re sent to any servers, & only you as a user have access to your account. Neither Edge nor anyone else has any knowledge of your account info, so privacy is built-in.

Edge is an easy to use & a good option for complete newbies to cryptocurrencies. If you’re worried about Edge going out of business, you can rest easy as you have complete control over them as long as they reside in your device, & if you’re worried about hackers, only you have the key & all information is encrypted on your devices.

The source code for the wallet & the apps is free & open source, which adds transparency & enhances security (it’s available here on GitHub). If you’re a developer you can access Edge’s key management solution using the Edge Security API/SDK. Or you can use the Augur decentralized app, built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is based on this SDK.

You can use the chain wallet & app by participating in the Edge Beta program for either iOS or Android & get access to the Android app hereThe Company is based in San Diego, California, USA & was founded in 2014.

Image Credit: Edge