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‘Cubroid’ makes wireless robotic building blocks as easy as playing with Legos

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Learning tools, where youngsters get their feet wet in advanced STEM subjects, can make all the difference when they’re both educational & fun. This is the aim of Cubroid, an interactive, modular wireless robotics set that “allows children to experience the basics of coding.”

Cubroid was recently launched on Kickstarter, & according to their press release, the project team wants to expose young minds to “coding & technology through fun & dynamic blocks & simple coding programs.”

The product is fun & easy to use. It consists of 7 different types of building blocks, each exhibiting a unique feature. Each block has a battery & a wireless module as well as wireless communication components. The modules can be connected to each other & are compatible with standard Lego blocks as well.

Smartphone & Tablet apps for coding the Cubroid modules “enhances the educational aspect of the product.” They’re available for both Androir & iOS. Via coding, children can engage with their creations & make the structures move & respond to the environment via the included sensor modules.

Check out this video:

Scratch, a more advanced database programming environment is also available & will let enthusiasts take their coding skills to the next level. Installation & communication between the programming environments & the modules is easy & doesn’t need a complicated installation process. Connection is via Bluetooth or with a USB cable.

You can preorder a kit by pledging on the project’s Kickstarter page here. The Cubroid project has already far exceeded its funding goal, so you can pledge until its November 1 deadline & there’s an estimated delivery date of Feb 2018. You can reserve 1 of the following kits:

  • Basic Kit US $14966 Blocks

Modules: 1x Proximity Sensor Block, 2x DC Motor Block, 1x LED Block

Accessories: 20x Shape Block, 40x Connection Block, 2x Wheel

  • Premium Kit US $269 – 130 Blocks

Modules:1x Proximity Sensor Block, 2x DC Motor Block, 1x LED Block, 1x Master Block, 1x Sound Block, 1x Touch Sensor Block, 1x Light Sensor Block

Accessories: 40x Shape Block, 80x Connection Block, 2x Wheel

Costlier, more complete kits are also available for up to US $2,599 that include as many as 1,300 blocks & accessories.

The startup is based in Newport Beach, California, USA & is led by CEO, M