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Collaborate on drawings with your team in real time with ‘Witeboard’

With this simple drawing app that’s reminiscent of Microsoft Paint, & as easy to use, you can create quick sketches on a browser on any device & all members of your team can watch you draw, while pitching in themselves. A perfect tool for brainstorming for participants contributing simultaneously from smartphones, Tablets or desktops.

To use it, just log in to the Witeboard Website, make a quick sketch, & share your link to anyone you think should participate.

Although there are other collaborative sketching tools available, none of them make it this quick & easy. There’s no installation involved & no signup or accounts need to be created. The tool lets all of the participants see each other’s contributions in real-time & teams can be created ad-hoc & immediately start to share ideas.

The tool lets you do free-form drawings using your mouse or finger on phone or Tablet (it’s completely cross-platform, you just need a browser). It has pencil, text, erase & undo tools & shortcuts for click-free drawing, & drawing rectangles, circles or straight lines. It also has shape detection built-in, so it that it will turn your rudimentary hand-drawn circles & rectangles into perfect geometric shapes.

You can also use it with Slack since it has a useful Slack plugin which any team member can launch with a simple command, so it appropriately supports the most popular collaborative environment used by workgroups. As the Website points out Witeboard is the “fastest way to collaborate real time with your team anywhere.”

Witeboard is free & is being developed by a group of San Francisco Bay Area, USA-based programmers & designers. Since there’s no need for installing, to use it, you can just go on over to the Witeboard site & you can get started right away. A unique, anonymous URL is generated in your virtual drawing space, which you can share in Slack, via email, text message.

Image Credit: Witeboard

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