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‘Circle 2’ is Logitech’s new modular home security camera

Logitech has come out with a new camera offering called ‘Circle 2.’ You can get the camera in either a wireless or a wired version, & either can be synced with a smartphone app (both Android & iOS). The 1080p video footage constantly records to the Cloud at no additional cost & the camera lets you chat to people it detects, like when they show up on your doorstep.

Unlike its 1st gen predecessor, ‘Circle 1’, which was marketed as a home entertainment device, the Circle 2 is a full fledged security camera. With a 180 degree field of view & weatherproof accessories available, it can be used for surveillance, both indoors & out.

Logitech is entering a field which already has good & popular solutions available from Nest & Ring. The Circle 2 appears to be a bit more versatile than these & is backed by an experienced cam maker like Logitech. The company has been making Webcams & security cameras for years.

The camera is actually marketed under the Logi brand, which Logitech rolled out a couple of years ago at about the time the original Circle camera was announced.

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The battery life on the Circle 2 wireless model is said to last up to 3 months with default settings & battery packs are available for swapping out. You can also get a plug mount to mount the camera directly to an outlet, or a weatherproof extension cord if you’re going to use your camera outdoors. They even have a window mount available that lets you mount the camera to a window looking out.

If you want to buy a Circle 2 you’ll have to shell out US $199.99 for the Wi Fi-based wireless version or $179.99 if wired. It includes a maximum of 24 hours of free cloud storage & if that’s not enough for you, subscriptions for 14 and 31 days per month are available for $4 & $131, respectively.

Image Credit: Logitech