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‘AR Measure’ – app that uses Augmented Reality to turn your phone into a measuring tape

Have you ever needed to measure a room or an object only to realize you don’t have a tape measure or ruler at hand?It can be frustrating & can often prevent you from getting started on projects.

Now, you don’t need to fret no more. Laan Labs has announced that AR Measure will soon be available on Apple devices with iOS 11. The app will turn your smartphone into a virtual ruler that you can use anytime you’ve got your phone with you, using the power of Augmented Reality (AR).

With AR Measure, you can just point your phone to a starting point on an object, click & measure almost anything that you come across. The measurement is done using your phone’s camera. Your imagination will be the only impediment to picking objects to measure, with the main suspects for your measuring pleasure being things like chairs, paintings, carpets, desks, doors, furniture, rooms…

By making use of Apple’s ARKit, which is available on iPhones & iPads with iOS 11, the app creates a 3D mapping of the physical environment. After getting enough reference points through observing objects in your phone’s camera view, the distance between points in 3D is calculated.

Here’s how it works:

The only drawback at this time is that iOS 11 is still in beta & the app will not be available in the Apple App Store until the final OS version is released, purportedly in the fall of 2017. You can sign up on the product page by entering your email address & you´ll be informed when the app is released.

If you can’t wait for availability of AR Measure you might want to try out other options that are already available on the Apple App Store, like Measure Tools, EasyMeasure or My Measures Pro. Of course none of the current apps take advantage of AR or Apple’s ARKit tech, so the experience will not be the same.

The company behind this project is Laan Labs, which bills itself as a “boutique development group” & has focused its development efforts on audio & visual apps. It’s based in multiple locations: Berlin, New York & San Francisco. It has released top ranked apps for iOS, like Face Swap Live, AR Soccer, SonarRuler, TapDJ & iVideoCamera.

Image Credit: AR Measure